BM TECH TIP – Valve Care

Ride an 08’ – 18’ R 1200 GS or GS Adventure with tyre pressure sensors? Chances are the valve stems could look a bit like this. 😌

Due to the angle of the valve, and the way they tend to be mishandled at the local servo. Valve stems end up worse for wear, and often fail at the worst possible time, leaving riders stranded with a deflated tyre and an issue that could have easily been avoided.

How can you avoid this, you ask?

Option #1 – Prevention.
For $20, carry a right angle valve extender (copper tool, image 4). Improving the angle of the valve head when attaching pump.

Option #2
The ultimate valve care package! Chat to us about upgrading tyre pressure sensors, found on the new R 1250 GS (see image 3, Old vs New).
*New sensors include fresh batteries and a new lease on life!*

Show your valves some love, and they will love you 😘