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BM Adventure Tips – Eve’s Adventure checklist.

Sadly, we can’t do much actual riding during lockdown. Many of us are confined to our 10km radius. While we can only dream of an overnighter why not compile a check list of ‘must haves’ for your next adventure. Here’s what Eve reckons is a must on her adventure check list: 35L Givi Pannier Tent […]

BM TECH TIP – The Importance of a Pre Filter

Mario recently performed a 40,000 km major service on “Ze Beast” – a customers 2017 R 1200 GS Adventure. Here we illustrate the importance of the pre filter.Take a look through below to see why. Notice the state of the pre filter (the red cone)? Doing its job well, it has captured the bulk of […]

BM TECH TIP – Valve Care

Ride an 08’ – 18’ R 1200 GS or GS Adventure with tyre pressure sensors? Chances are the valve stems could look a bit like this. 😌 Due to the angle of the valve, and the way they tend to be mishandled at the local servo. Valve stems end up worse for wear, and often […]

Quad Lock Phone Mounts now in stock

After a mounting solution that will place your phone around your instrument cluster? Quad Lock mount systems can be used in conjunction with RAM mounts to achieve the position you need. Why not use both? Speak to the team today about creating a combination that works for you, or view the range here.

Klim Krios Pro Helmets now in stock

We have KLIM KRIOS PRO helmets in stock. These helmets are the ultimate ADV helmet featuring four-ride-mode versatility, aerodynamic superiority and unrivaled acoustical and contact comfort. Come in to try one of these on. They come in three colour modes and a range of sizes. Photos, video walk through and more info

New to BM – Hoglights Australia

We are happy to announce that we have Hoglights as an alternative to brighten up your rides. Hoglights Australia is aiming to provide you with great quality LED headlights at a reasonable price and offering a 7-year warranty ! What else is there to wish for?  

Is it winter yet?

If you are looking for the right riding gear throughout winter, and spring, summer and autumn, KLIM definitely is the right choice. What you want is:  All-weather functionality  Outstanding performance with a high lever of protection  Gore-Tex Pro laminate in the shell  Reliable when you out on your adventures    

Australia Day

We love Australia Day. Have a great long weekend Guys. We will be closed from 26/01 – 28/01 but don’t worry we will be back as usual on Monday 9AM. Safe riding! Cheers your BM Team